Reports and Public Notices

Effective July 26, 2023

On Monday, July 24th algae samples were collected at Lake Metigoshe Beach. The algae samples exceeded the recreational water quality objective for Cyanobacteria (total) cell count of 100,000 cells / mL of sample. Algal toxin, microcystin results are below the recreational water quality objective of 20µg / L of sample.   



Cyanobacteria (total) Cell Count

(Cells / mL of sample)

Microcystin (total) 

(µg / L of sample as microcystin-LR)

Lake Metigoshe Beach




Following discussions with Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Johnston, first level algae advisory signs (attached) should be posted immediately and remain posted for the remainder of the swimming season


Up to date results will be available on the website later today at: